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Name Unknown
Gender Female
Country South Korea
Occupation Prostitute
Child Jin-Soo Kwon
Episode(s) D.O.C.
Played By Alexis Rhee

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She was the mother of Jin-Soo Kwon, and had previously been in a brief relationship with Mr. Kwon, however, it could have been a one night sexual encounter, the end result left her pregnant. She carried the child and later presented it to Mr. Kwon, who raised the child alone.

Jin grew up believing that his mother was dead, because his father did not want him to suffer the great shame that she would bring him. After Jin married Sun Paik, she approached Sun in a park and attempted to blackmail her out of $100,000 by revealing that Jin's mother was a prostitute, revealing a secret shame Jin was not aware of.

Sun reluctantly presented her with the money and revealed that she was aware the woman was in fact Jin's mother, the woman claimed that, while she did give birth to Jin, she did not feel any tie to him.

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