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The following is a list of objects that have appeared on LOST. Click on the corresponding links to learn more about the item, it's history, and it's relevance and role on LOST. Note that books and vehicles that have appeared on the show are listed in a separate articles.

The SurvivorsEdit


US Army Knife
US Army Knife

Ana-Lucia discovered the US Army Knife in the pockets of one of the "Others", and later explained to Goodwin that the knife could possibly be 20 years old.


Bernard's Sign

The giant S.O.S. sign that Bernard attempted to create on the beach in order to get rescued.


DS Ring
D.S. Ring

The ring was once owned by Charlie's great-grandfather Dexter Stratton and passed down to the first born of the Stratton family, and was the inspiration for the name of their band "Drive Shaft".

Charlie's Guitar

Charlie's prized guitar which he brought with him aboard Flight 815, and was later found by Locke on the island. Charlie had written a few Drive Shaft songs on the guitar as well.

Cigarrette Case
Cigarette Case

The cigarette case that Charlie stole from Lucy, when Lucy discovered his action, she ended their relationship.

Charlie's Piano

Charlie's piano which he received for Christmas as a child. The piano was later sold by Liam in order to pay for their trip to Australia. Charlie had an on-island vision which involved this piano.

Charlie's 'Greatest Hits'

Charlie began write out his five best memories of his 'pathetic excuse for a life' as he called it. When the list was finished, he handed the list to Desmond and requested that he give it to Claire.


Peanut Butter

Peanut butter has been referenced many times throughout the series, but the majority of references are to Claire and Charlie whose relationship involves an inside joke on peanut butter.

Claire's Diary

Claire's private journal in which she wrote her inner most feelings into. Charlie later read the diary and found a surprising connection inside.

Crib Mobile

The Crib Mobile has appeared twice, once in Claire's nightmare, and again in real life in her baby room in the Staff Station.


Virgin Mary Statue
Virgin Mary Statue

The Virgin Mary Statues were aboard Yemi and Goldie's Beechcraft and are filled with heroin.

Eko's Stick
Eko's Stick

Eko's Stick is Mr. Eko's weapon of choice that he created on his second day on the island in order to defend himself better against "The Others".

Eko's Cross

The cross which Eko wore as a child, was picked up by Yemi when Eko was taken away by the militia men. Eko later retrieved the cross when he discovered his brother's body on the island.

Eko's Photograph

The photo which Eko kept with him since he was a child. It is a black and white photo of Yemi and Eko when they were children.


CD Player

Hurley's CD Player which he brought with him on the plane provided some entertainment for him on the island until the battery died.

Golf Clubs

After hunting with Locke, Ethan had found luggage in the jungle and with it was a set of golf clubs which he presented to Hurley, who in turn built a gold course.

Connect Four

Connect Four is a boardgame and Leonard's game of choice which he often played while locked inside the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute.

Jin and SunEdit

Rolex Watch
Rolex Watch

The Rolex Watch was a gift from Mr. Paik to his various associates in Australia and the United States.

Message Bottle

The message bottle was sent along with the raft and contained messages and letters meant for families of the survivors once those on the raft were rescued.

Pregnancy Test
Pregnancy Test

Sun obtains the pregnancy test from Sawyer which was made by Widmore Labs.


Toy Airplane
Toy Airplane

Kate's toy airplane, which had previously belonged to Tom Brennan. It was located inside the Marshal's Halliburton case during the flight.

Halliburton Case

The Halliburton Case belonged to the Marshal, and contained 4 9MM guns, cash, and Kate's toy airplane.



A Backgammon board was one of the many items found among the wreckage of Flight 815.


Was the whistle Locke originally created to find Vincent during the first days after the crash.

Locke's Wheelchair

The wheelchair used by Locke after he became paralyzed for unknown reasons. He later regained the ability to walk on the island, and it was no longer necessary for him to use.


The Hallucinogen is what Locke produced in order to give Boone an experience to "speak with the island". Locke later used the Hallucinogen himself in the sweat lodge, the end result being a vision from Boone.


The Compass that Locke brought to the island with him, which he later gave to Sayid.


The crutches used by Locke after he suffered a severe leg injury at the hands of the hatch.

Locke's Map

The map that John Locke was trying to create that reflected what he saw on the Blast Door.


Sawyer's Letter
Sawyer's Letter

Was the letter Sawyer wrote as a child to the "Original Sawyer", the man who caused complications which led to the death of his parents.

Playpen Magazine

Playpen is a men's magazine. Several issues of the magazine were in the luggage of passengers of Oceanic Flight 815.


Nadia's Photo

Was the photos of Nadia which Sayid was given back in Iraq, he brought the photo with him when he boarded Flight 815.

Island InhabitantsEdit


Desmonds Photo
Desmond's Photograph

The iconic photo of Desmond and Penny that was taken on the River Thames the day Desmond called off their relationship. Both of them have a copy of this photograph.

The Elizabeth
The Elizabeth

Libby gave Desmond her husband's boat so he could win the race around the world 'for love'.

Desmond's Letters

These were all the letters that Desmond had sent to Penny during his imprisonment, they were found by Charles Widmore and never delivered to Penny.

Penny's Letter

This was the letter that Penny had written to Desmond before he had gone to prison. She hid it inside his copy of "Our Mutual Friend" stating that it would be the one place he would turn in a moment of great desperation.

Fail-Safe Key

The Fail-Safe Key was used inside the Swan Station and was used to reverse the effects of what happens when the button isn't pushed.

Lightning Rod

Desmond created the lightning rod as a way to protect Claire, Charlie and Aaron's tent after having a flash of the future which depicted Charlie dying.

MacCutcheon Whisky
MacCutcheon Whisky

MacCutcheon Whisky was Admiral MacCutcheon's crowning achievement, and a bottle was owned by Charles Widmore which he did not share with Desmond. Charlie later discovers a bottle and drinks it along with Hurley and Desmond.


Rousseau's Maps

Danielle Rousseau sketched out a map of the island, and various places on the island during her 16 years spent there.

The DHARMA InitiativeEdit

Station 3 Computer
Station 3 Computer

Is the computer located inside Station 3: The Swan. The "numbers" are required to be entered every 108 minutes.

Record Player
Record Player

The record player is located inside the hatch and serves as a form of entertainment for those inside.

Washer and Dryer

The Washer and Dryer that are located within the Dharma Initiative's Swan Station

CR 4-81516-23 42
CR 4-81516-23 42

CR 4-81516-23 42 is a vial of liquid that is supposedly a "vaccine", possibly used to ward off the "sickness".

Countdown Timer
Countdown Timer

The timer is a countdown device in the hatch which must be reset every 108 minutes.

Apollo Bar
Apollo Bar

The Apollo Bar is a chocolate bar found inside the pantry of the Dharma Initiative's Station 3: The Swan.

Dharma Ranch Composite
Dharma Initiative Salad Dressing Ranch Composite

The Dharma Initiative Salad Dressing Ranch Composite was found inside the pantry of Station 3, and has continously made appearances.

Geronimo Jackson
Geronimo Jackson

A record found inside the hatch of unknown origin. The contents of the record have not been heard yet.

The Timer

The hieroglyphics are included in the series of event which make up the apparent end result of what occurs when the button in the hatch is not pushed in the time allotted.

The Blast Doors

The blast doors within the hatch that, when lowered, seal the interior of the hatch off from the outside world.

Supply Drop

The cache of food and supplies attached to a parachute found in the jungle by Jack and Kate.

Dharma Beer

Originally owned by Roger, this beer was found inside the DHARMA van, and was drank by Sawyer and Jin.

The OthersEdit

Theatrical Glue
Theatrical Glue

Tom uses this to glue his fake beard on when he goes out in disguise. It was found by Kate inside the Staff Station.

Fake Beard
Fake Beard

The Fake Beard was part of Tom's disguise which he has used on many occasions. It was found by Kate in the abandoned Staff Station.

Henry Gale's Map
Henry Gale's Map

The map to Henry Gale's balloon. Henry gives it to Ana-Lucia , and then she enlists the help of Sayid and Charlie to follow the map with her.



Alcohol has been seen at various times, both on-island, and off-island.

The First Raft
The First Raft

The original raft which was being build by Michael, which was eventually destroyed when Walt set it ablaze.

The Second Raft
The Second Raft

The second raft which was built by Michael and Jin, and was later taken out to sea along with Walt and Sawyer.


The dynamite was located inside the Black Rock and was instrumental in gaining access into the hatch.

Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear

Was the teddy bear that Emma and Zack were in possesion of after the crash of Oceanic Flight 815.

Holy Bible
Holy Bible

The Holy Bible was discovered by the Tail Section survivors when they entered the Arrow Station.

The Radio
The Radio

The Radio was discovered by the Tail Section survivors when they entered the Arrow Station. It was later used to pick up Boone's Beechcraft signal.

Glass Eye
Glass Eye

The Glass Eye was discovered by the Tail Section survivors when they entered the Arrow Station.