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Name Nora
Gender Female
Country Los Angeles, CA, USA
Occupation Ballet Instructor
Episode(s) Abandoned
Played By Ashleigh Ann Wood

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Nora worked as a ballet instructor with her friend Shannon Rutherford. While teaching the class one day, Nora is chatting with a man named Philippe who requests that she become his au pair. When Nora returns to tell Shannon the two laugh about the situation. Shannon abruptly leaves when she is informed that her father has been in an accident.

After the death of Shannon’s father, Nora would later bring Shannon some good news that she was been waiting 6 months for, a letter confirming her entry into the Martha Graham Dance Company Internship in New York. As the two celebrate, Shannon receives a phone call from the landlord of her building commenting that her rent check had bounced. Nora is confused by this, as she was under the impression that Shannon was rich.

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