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Nils Christer Benson
Name Nils Christer Benson
Gender Male
Country Norway
Occupation Soldier
Father Oskar Benson
Spouse Elli Benson
Child M. David Benson
Mentioned In The Lost Experience

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Nils Christer Benson was the son of Oskar Benson, founder of Scandinavian´s revered Benson Chocolatiers.

His father, Oskar Benson was a man of tradition. Upon learning of his son´s engagement to a woman well below his station, Oskar turned his back on Nils, cutting him from the family inheritance. Leaving Norway, with his pregnant wife, Elli, Nils established a new life in the U.S., joining the U.S. Marine Corps in December 1941. Sadly, however, Nils Benson lost his life on Omaha Beach just a few short years later.

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