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Nadia's Photo
Name Nadia's Photo
Introduced In Walkabout
Last Seen In Exodus - Part 1
Owned By Sayid Jarrah
Found By Claire Littleton

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Was the photos of Nadia which Sayid was given back in Iraq, he brought the photo with him when he boarded Flight 815.

Claire found Sayid's photos on the beach in the luggage, and gave them back to him. When Sayid went on his trek to map the island, he brought them with him. When he was captured by Rousseau, she questioned him as to who the woman in the photograph was, and he replied that she was Nadia, his former love, who he claimed was dead because of him.

When Sayid escaped from Rousseau's shelter, he left the photograph there by mistake, and did not find the picture again until "Numbers" when they attempted to locate Hurley who was looking for Rousseau, and Rousseau's shelter detonated when Jack accidentally tripped a trap of Rousseau's which triggered dynamite to destroy her shelter.

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