Mrs. Stubbs (Novel)

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Mrs. Stubbs
Name Mrs. Stubbs
Gender Female
Country United States
Occupation Unknown
Sibling Paula Stubbs
Child Dexter Stubbs
Novel(s) Secret Identity

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Mrs. Stubbs was the mother of Dexter Stubbs, and the sister of Paula Stubbs. After a slip and fall accident at the MonoMart supermarket, Paula received a large settlement, she used this money to purchase a brand new starship for Mrs. Stubbs, and to send Dexter to college.

Mrs. Stubbs went along with Paula's high expectations for Dexter. Paula expected him to graduate at the head of his class and become a doctor. However, Dexter did not share these ambitions, but kept quiet so that his aunt would still fund his tuition. When he returned from his first semester with terrible grades, they decided that his major be changed and that he pursue psychology as a career.

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