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Mrs. Locke
Mrs Locke
Name Mrs. Locke
Gender Female
Country Tustin, California, US
Occupation Unknown
Family Daughter - Emily Locke
Grandson - John Locke
Episode(s) Cabin Fever
Played By Rebecca Tilney

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Mrs. Locke is the mother of Emily Locke, and the grandmother of John Locke. She was upset with Emily, who was involved with Anthony Cooper, a man twice her age. When the two engaged in an altercation, Emily stormed out and was struck by an oncoming car in the street. Emily gave birth to John, and Mrs. Locke inquired with a nurse about adoption preceding. The nurse informed her that she was not able to smoke in the hospital, and then directed her attention to Richard Alpert, who she believed was the father; however, she was unaware who he was. (Cabin Fever)

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