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Mr. Gellert
Mr Gellert
Name Mr. Gellert
Gender Male
Country Tustin, California, US
Occupation High School Teacher
Episode(s) Cabin Fever
Played By Phil Abrams

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Mr. Gellert was John Locke's science teacher at Cowin Heights High School. Mr. Gellert helped John after he was trapped in a locker, he noticed he was bleeding and suggested that they visit the nurse's office. While there, Gellert informed John that he had received a phone call from Portland and spoke with a Dr. Alpert from Mittelos Laboatories who were working with chemistry and new technologies. He informed Gellert that they were looking for bright, young minds and wanted to recruit John to their summer camp. John became frustrated at Gellert's offer stating that he wasn't a scientist, but a normal kid just like everyone else. Gellert rebutted his opinion, stating that although John wanted to be like everyone else, he wouldn't be the prom king, or the quarterback, that he couldn't be a super-hero, to which John replied by saying "Don't tell me what I can't do!". (Cabin Fever)

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