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Mr. Carlson
Mr. Carlson
Name Mr. Carlson
Gender Male
Country Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Family Wife - Mrs. Carlson
Daughter - Juliet Burke
Daughter - Rachel Carlson
Son-in-law - Edmund Burke
Grandson - Julian Carlson
Episode(s) The Incident
Played By Michael Trisler

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Mr. Carlson was the father of Juliet Burke and Rachel Carlson. Some time during Rachel and Juliet's childhood, Mr. Carlson and Mrs. Carlson, Juliet and Rachel's mother, decided to get a divorce. The two parents then attempted to explain this decision to their children, and were met with disbelief and anger, particularly from Juliet. Mr. Carlson then witnessed his wife attempt to explain to her youngest daughter that even if two people love each other, they still may not be meant to be together. (The Incident)

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