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Name Unknown
Gender Male
Country Morocco
Occupation Drug Warlord
Episode(s) The 23rd Psalm
Played By Achraf Marzouki

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He was a drug trafficker operating inside of Nigeria. When he and his associate met with Mr. Eko and his associates, Eko offered them $50,000 in Nigerian Naira to perform what he described as a favour. When the trafficker asked him to clarify, Eko informed him that the borders were controlled by the military and that the only option would be to fly out of the country, however; to do so he would need access to a United Nations Aid or Catholic Missionaries Plane. When asked by his associate, he agreed with the decision. As the deal drew to a close, his associate informed Eko that he believed he had no soul, it was then that Eko turned his knife to the faces of he and his associate.

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