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Moriah Vineyards
Moriah Vineyards
Name Moriah Vineyards
Country Eddington, Scotland
Introduced In Catch-22
Type Monastery Wine Making Facility

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Moriah Vineyards is a wine that was produced by a monastery that Desmond served at.


Located in Eddington, Scotland, Moriah Vineyards is the name of the wine which is produced by the Monastery that Desmond served at. Brother Campbell expelled Desmond for drinking some of the wine, which he claims can sell for £100, and is only limited to 108 cases a year.

After Desmond was expelled, he assisted in loading cases of the wine into the car of Penny Widmore. Desmond informed her that the reason they only produced 108 cases a year was because the monks were lazy. Penny inquired as to how Desmond was fired from being a monk, and Desmond explains that "God allegedly has bigger plans for me". It was then that Penny invited Desmond to drive with her to Carlisle, and after introducing themselves, Desmond agreed.




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