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This article is about a parody of LOST that has either appeared on Television or the Internet. The parody is considered Non-Canon
in the world of LOST, and is listed here for informational, entertainment and reference purposes.

Monday Night Football

Emilie de Ravin and Maggie Grace

Monday Night Football is a show featured on Monday nights that shows games from the National Football League. Before one Monday Night Game, they broadcasted a Lost parody that featured Emilie de Ravin, Jorge Garcia, Maggie Grace, Daniel Dae Kim, and Yunjin Kim.

In the commercial, Anthony Anderson is walking through an airport jetway when he sees a few frightened passengers running in the opposite direction. He steps on the plane and sees a few actors from Lost and begins to think that his plane might be doomed. Jorge Garcia tells him Lost is just a TV show. Anderson asks what is in the hatch. Daniel Dae Kim replies that that was the wrong question. Then everyone yells "Are You Ready for Some Football!"




ANDERSON: Ooooh, Wooh!


(Two football players run by him)

ANDERSON: Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey! Fellas! Where ya goin'?

(Anderson steps on the plane)

ANDERSON: Haha! I got--

(Anderson notices Emilie, Maggie, Jorge, Daniel and Yunjin sitting on the plane)

ANDERSON: ...My Ticket

MAGGIE: You know, I'm getting a little tired of this whole "Oh No! It's the cast of LOST" panic everytime we get on a plane.

ANDERSON: Hey! Maybe, that's because the last time you were on a plane, you crashed on a freaky island.

JORGE: Dude, it's just a TV show.

ANDERSON: Speaking of that, can I ask y'all a question? What's down that hatch?

DANIEL: Wrong Question.

YUNJIN: Definately the wrong question.

EMILIE: Yeah, uh, you're supposed to ask:

ALL: Are you ready for some football?!