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Name Mitch
Gender Male
Country Unknown
Occupation Member of DHARMA Initiative security
Episode(s) Follow The Leader, The Incident
Played By Kevin Chapman

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Mitch was a member of the DHARMA Initiative, and served as a member of the group's security forces on the island in the 1970's. Mitch appeared to have a functioning role on the DHARMA submarine, as he had access to the ship's manifest, and was also in charge of distributing the anesthetic to passengers undertaking the trip to or from the island.

In 1977, during the interrogation of Sawyer and Juliet, Mitch arrived to speak with the DHARMA leaders gathered at the security building. While the leaders interrogated the captured pair about the whereabouts of Kate and Jack, who had recently attacked and escaped the DHARMA barracks, Mitch informed Radzinsky and Horace about an inconsistency in the submarine manifest. Mitch stated that, along with Kate and Jack, a third person was a late-minute addition to the list. Mitch went on to state that this man's name was Hugo Reyes. After Sawyer and Juliet make a plea bargain, where they agree to exchange the location of the Other camp for deportation from the island, Mitch is the security officer assigned to escort the pair to the submarine and load them on board. Mitch is then surprised by the late arrival of Kate, who had been captured after returing to the barracks, and was also sent to the submarine for deportation. (Follow The Leader)

Mitch is later seen distributing the anesthetic drinks to the passengers of the submarine, and arrives at Sawyer, Juliet and Kate's section of the ship. As he prepares to give the three the drug, Juliet attacks him and renders him unconscious. Juliet then used the keys found on Mitch's person to remove her and the others' handcuffs and escape. (The Incident)

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