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Michael Orteig
Name Michael Orteig
Gender Male
Country Unknown
Occupation President of Oceanic Airlines
Mentioned On

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Michael Orteig is the President of Oceanic Airlines, and has issued statements through press releases on and

First StatementEdit

Following the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, he released this statement on September 29, 2005:

MICHAEL: After 25 years of service, we are forced to close our doors. Due to financial difficulties in the wake of the Flight 815 tragedy, we are no longer able to sustain service. We are deeply sorry that we can no longer serve our loyal customers, and apologize for any inconvenience our decision will cause. (

Second StatementEdit

Michael released yet another statement on December 28, 2007, which announced the return of Oceanic Airlines to the skies.

MICHAEL: We are very eager to resume flying and apologize for any inconvenience our temporary closure may have caused our loyal customers. Oceanic Airlines is proud to be a top tier flight provider and looks forward to providing travelers with many more years of unparalleled service. (

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