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Name Mayhew
Gender Male
Country Unknown
Occupation Mercenary aboard the Kahana
Episode(s) The Shape of Things to Come, Something Nice Back Home, Cabin Fever

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Season 4 (Days 93-Present)Edit

Mayhew was a mercenary aboard the Kahana. Mayhew accompanied Martin and Omar to the island for a raid on the Barracks to extradite Ben back to the freighter. Before arriving at the Barracks, the crew shot and murdered Danielle Rousseau and Karl, but spared Alexandra Rousseau, after she revealed that she was Ben's daughter. (Meet Kevin Johnson)

The crew captured Alex as their hostage, and proceeded to launch an attack on the Barracks which left Doug, Jerome, and at least one other survivor dead. Ben countered their attack, by summoning the "Monster", which proceeded to attack the mercenary team. Mayhew attempted to flee, but was caught, and dragged back into the jungle by the Monster. He was thrown fifty feet into the air by the Monster, which then proceeded to rip his guts out. (The Shape of Things to Come)

While being assisted by fellow mercenaries, they encountered Frank who was shocked to see Mayhew's injuries. Convincing Keamy that they needed to leave immediately, Mayhew was loaded onto the helicopter, heading for the freighter. (Something Nice Back Home)

After arriving on the freighter, Keamy explained to Ray exactly what happened. However, despite his effort, Mayhew passed away on the freighter. (Cabin Fever)

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