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Mass Grave
Name Mass Grave
Introduced In The Man Behind the Curtain
Last Seen In Through the Looking Glass

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The Mass Grave was a large pit that was dug by the Hostiles to place the bodies of the deceased members of the DHARMA Initiative after the Purge.

In "The Man Behind the Curtain", Ben brings Locke to the grave to show him his people and where he came from. Ben explains that they were members of the DHARMA Initiative, and that when it became clear that one side had to be purged, Ben did what he needed to to stay alive, and states that he was one of the few people who was smart enough to not end up in that pit, and goes on to add that this makes him significantly smarter than Locke. At which point, Ben shoots Locke and leaves him for dead in the pit.

In "Through the Looking Glass", Locke awakens in the pit and realizes that he is unable to use his legs. Locke sees a gun on one of the bodies and prepares to shoot himself in the head, when Walt suddenly appears and tells him to get up and that he has work to do.

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