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Martha Toomey
Martha Toomey
Name Martha Toomey
Gender Female
Country Kalgoorlie, Australia
Occupation Unknown
Spouse Sam Toomey
Episode(s) Numbers
Played By Jayne Taini

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Martha Toomey was married to a man named Sam Toomey who was previously enlisted in the United States Navy. The two attended a fair in Kalgoorlie, Australia where they would visit a game where you had to guess the number of beans. Sam had recently picked up a transmission repeating the numbers “4 8 15 16 23 42” and decided to use the numbers to guess the number of beans. He was correct and they won $50,000, breaking the 40 years scam of the game. When they were driving home from the fair, a pick-up truck blew its tire and hit their vehicle head on, and Martha lost her leg due to the accident. When his luck worsened, Sam began to blame the numbers, and kept a record of anything bad that happened to him. He decided that the only way to escape the numbers were to move he and his wife out into the middle of nowhere. When that plan failed, Sam decided to kill himself by use of a shotgun.

When Hurley traveled to Australia to visit Sam Toomey, after receiving information from Sam’s former US Navy partner Leonard. When Hurley mentions the numbers, Martha explains to Hurley exactly what is was that happened to Sam. When she inquires as to why he’s requesting this knowledge, she is informed that he too used to the numbers, and that he believes his is under the same curse as well. Martha immediately debunks his theory, claiming flat-out that the curse does not exist, and that you make your own luck, and not to use the numbers as an excuse.

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