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Mark Hutton
Mark Hutton
Name Mark Hutton
Gender Male
Country New Mexico, USA
Occupation Bank Manager
Episode(s) Whatever the Case May Be
Played By Tim Halligan

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Mark Hutton was the manager of a New Mexico bank. When a woman named Maggie Ryan came into the bank to file for a loan application, Mark Hutton discovered that Maggie was a photographer commission for a coffee table book that would feature old theaters in small towns, Mark then gives her a tip on where she can find a good one; their business was interrupted when three men bust into the bank, destroyed the surveillance cameras, and held the bank hostage demanding access to the money cage. When the lead gunmen holds Mark at gunpoint, he refuses to relinquish the key to the cage, and it was not until a physically assaulted Maggie returned and Jason threatened to kill her, that Mark eventually gave into their demands. While at the money cage, Mark requests that Maggie be freed; it is then revealed by Jason that the entire heist was Maggie’s idea. When a standoff is created, Jason points his gun at Mark, and Maggie with hers at Jason; Maggie shoots Jason in the leg, and then shoots the other two robbers as well. Maggie reveals her name is not really Maggie and then requests access to safe deposit box 815. Mark grants her access to the box.

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