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Marguerite Moreau
Name Marguerite Moreau
Birthplace Riverside, California, USA
Date of Birth April 25, 1977
Role on LOST Starla
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Marguerite Moreau portrayed the role of "Starla" in Everybody Hates Hugo.

Moreau's first break out role was playing the recurring part of Melanie on Blossom in 1994 and 1995. She guest starred in several TV series such as Boy Meets World and 3rd Rock from the Sun. As a child actress, she appeared in the Mighty Ducks films playing Connie Moreau. Once she finished the film she had an under-the-radar relationship with Andy "Carp" Carpenter that ended amicably for both parties. After graduating from Vassar College with her A.B. in Political Science in 1999, she landed some of her most prominent part as an adult actress. After starring in the cult film Wet Hot American Summer, she played the role of Jesse in the 2002 film Queen of the Damned, based on the Anne Rice novels.

She played the lead role in the TV miniseries Firestarter 2: Rekindled, succeeding Drew Barrymore in the role of Charlie McGee. In 2003's Runaway Jury she played opposite Gene Hackman. Moreau also starred in the 2003 independent film Easy, which has also been broadcast on the Showtime cable television network. She stars as Jamie, a career oriented woman who can't seem to find a nice guy. Then she meets two nice guys, John (played by Naveen Andrews of Lost) and Mick (played by Brian F. O'Byrne) and is unable to decide between the two of them.

Returning to television, she starred in the television movie about Charles Manson, Helter Skelter and had a regular role on the ABC network series Life As We Know It in the 2004–2005 season. She played Monica Young, a high school teacher having an affair with one of her students.

Moreau appeared in several episodes of The O.C., playing Reed Carlson. Originally, she was to have a regular role in the Fox show Killer Instinct, but her character was written out of the series after the first episode and was replaced by Kristin Lehman. She has also appeared as recurring character on the ABC series What About Brian.

Episodes Appeared InEdit

Appears as Starla in:

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