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Marc Silverman
Marc Silverman
Name Marc Silverman
Gender Male
Country California, USA
Occupation Unknown
Episode(s) White Rabbit, Do No Harm
Played By Zack Ward (adult)

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When Marc was a child, he and his friend Jack were victims of an attack from two bullies. While being pummeled by one of the bullies against a fence, Jack attempted to come to Marc’s aid, however; Jack was met with a black eye for this.

When the two were adults, Marc was asked to be Jack’s best man at his wedding. While being fitted for tuxes, Marc becomes irritated by the bow tie, and requests the clip-on. Jack comments that his fiancée Sarah would catch him if he attempted to drink prior to giving his speech at the wedding, however; Marc was confident that brushing his teeth beforehand would allow him to go unnoticed. After completing his speech at the rehearsal dinner, Marc was eventually caught when Sarah could smell the alcohol on the microphone.

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