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Name Malcolm
Gender Male
Country Australia
Occupation Police
Episode(s) Hearts and Minds
Played By Adam Leadbeater

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Malcolm was a policeman working at the police station in Sydney, Australia. When a man named Boone Carlyle arrived to report a crime, Malcolm was the man who handled the case. Malcolm was unable to file Boone’s request of an arrest on a man named Bryan due to the fact that there was a lack of physical evidence or a direct complaint. When an irate man walked passed Malcolm’s desk, he informed Boon that if that were his sister’s boyfriend, then he would be able to help him. As Malcolm continues to take down Boone’s information, it is revealed to him that Boone and Shannon are step-brother and sister and not related by blood. When Boone attempts to use his alleged celebrity status as the C.O.O. of one of the subsidiaries of his mother’s wedding businesses, Malcolm shrugs it off by offering Boone the opportunity to purchase his wife’s wedding dress. When Boone requests that an officer be sent to talk to Bryan, Malcolm denies the request claiming that they were the police and not the “dating police.”

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