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Magnus Hanso
Name Magnus Hanso
Gender Male
Country Unknown
Occupation Shipping Merchant
Family Great Grandson - Alvar Hanso
Mentioned In Lockdown, The Lost Experience

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Magnus Hanso was the great grandfather of Alvar Hanso, and was the possible captain of the Black Rock. He worked as a shipping merchant during the 19th century, and the map drawn onto the blast door suggests that his final resting place is located on the island. (Lockdown)

With Magnus Hanso's sale of the New World Sea Traders, an era in British shipping drew to a close. Whether history will judge him harshly for his continued role in the slave trade post-abolition remains to be seen. However, with Hanso's unquestionable dedication to his fleet, it is certain that this ship's captain turned entrepreneur left a substantial mark on the international shipping trade. For, although he could have rested on his laurels and steered the company from the quiet and comfort of his London manor, Hanso's passion for the sea inspired him to continue as captain of several voyages each year.

It is an interesting footnote, and, perhaps, a testament to Hanso's lasting influence that those slips from which the New World Sea Traders operated at Portsmouth, numbering 18 through 27, continued to be known during the following era of the East Ocean Trade Group as the "New World Docks,". (The Lost Experience)

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