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Lucy Heatherton
Lucy Heatherton2
Name Lucy Heatherton
Gender Female
Country Knightsbridge, Great Britain
Occupation Oxford Graduate
Father Francis Heatherton
Episode(s) Homecoming
Played By Sally Strecker

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Lucy Heatherton had recently graduated from Oxford University and was living with her father, Francis Heatherton in the district of Knightsbridge, Great Britain when former rock star Charlie Pace would walk into her life. After meeting Charlie in a pub in London, the two would begin to get along and would continue to see each other. At the end of their first date, Lucy invited Charlie back to her house for tea, it was there that conversation turned to Lucy’s father; Lucy convinced Charlie to attend dinner there the following night to meet her father.

During the dinner, Lucy’s father began asking about Charlie’s band and the current status of it. When Charlie informed him that he believed Drive Shaft was dead, Francis offered Charlie a job at his company selling copiers, to which he would later accept. On Charlie’s first day of work, Lucy purchased Charlie a suit to make him appear to be a respectable businessman, and she informed him that her father had already ensured that the buyer’s would purchase two copiers to boost his confidence. Lucy calmed his nerves by telling him that he’s previously been on stage in front of thousands and that he was only going up against men buying a copier, and she informed him that she believed in him. Lucy would later give Charlie a ride to his first day of work, which ended disastrously when Charlie fell ill due to the combination of his stress, nervousness, and heroin withdrawal.

When Charlie was taken to the hospital, Mr. Heatherton’s cigarette case, which had previously belonged to Winston Churchill, was returned to the house by his sales manager. It was then that Lucy learned the truth that he was an addict and was only using her so that he could steal something. When she asked why Charlie took the job, he responded that he wanted her to believe that he could take care of her, upon hearing this Lucy claimed that such a thing could never occur and she effectively ended their relationship.

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