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Several different websites for fictional organizations or individuals mentioned on the show or in part of the Lost Experience were introduced. The websites, particularly the Hanso Foundation website, contain background information into the mythology of Lost. The character Rachel Blake, also known as Persephone, is introduced to guide players through the game. Most clues on the Hanso Foundation website are revealed by clicking on faintly marked anomalies in the web page design or by entering specific codes into webpages. Some require passwords found elsewhere, such as in the voicemail service. The clue revelations are designed as minigames, though with little challenge as they are completely linear.


This temporary website was advertised at part of The Lost Experience and told the history of The Apollo Candy Company and of the Apollo Candy Bar.

Benoffski Memo

This was posted by Rachel on her blog, in which a user named UdonPaul331 provides a link which leads to his blog in which he posts a memo from Vigi Benoffski.

TLE-DJ Dan is the official website of Dan Lapinsky aka "DJ Dan", and his radio show "DJ Dan: Shutting down the Man". DJ Dan and his host Tonya Jefferson speak periodically about The Hanso Foundation and other conspiracies that he and his listeners choose to discuss.


This was the official website for Gary Troup's book "Bad Twin". It includes information on his book, information on Gary himself, information about "The Valenzetti Equation" which Troup also wrote, links to purchase the book, excerpts, and more.


The Hanso Foundation Careers website, a mock job search engine with five jobs listed. The site contains a link to the website.


Using the Hanso Exposed site you'll be able to decode the fragments that were revealed through the glyphs released.


Exploration of this site led players to a Jeep commercial hosted on YouTube, which contains game clues at the end. Further confirming this connection is a subdirectory.


Rachel Blake started a blog which she titled "My European Trip - Rachel Blake", which was used as a cover to make her appear to be a college-aged student on a trip through Europe.


Ostensibly a site about the psychic abilities of the yellow Labrador retriever, solving a puzzle takes you to a bulletin board populated by fictional Verizon employees.


Accessed by typing "evident agenda" into the extra info bar on, the true agenda for her trip is revealed, as she was travelling in search of the Hanso Foundation.


A viral marketing site created for the advertisement of Sprite, contained links to videos and additional content, and was mentioned on occasion by


The main website for the Hanso Foundation contains an interactive flash interface, and outlines the Foundations main projects and personnel.


This was the official website for Gary Troup's book "Valenzetti Equation". It includes information on his book, information on Gary himself.

Vik Article

This was Darla Taft a.k.a. GidgetGirl's blog. The only entry was entitled "Article re Vik" and contained a newspaper clipping about a fire at the Vik Institute which killed Vigi Benoffski.

WhereIsAlvar is a website setup to track the number of Apollo Bars had been found and to submit pictures of findings. In the end 1064 Apollo bars were found, in addition to 78 golden oracle bars.

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