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Issue #9
Lost Mag 9
Released February 13, 2006
Variant Eko Tunde
Months Mar/Apr 2007
Prev: Issue #8
Next: Issue #10

07 Welcome Back...

We hope Lost Magazine has kept you in good company during the long winter break...

Oceanic Flight 815Edit

16 The Break-Up

Our Oceanic section regularly examines all the Flight 815-related events...

By the FireEdit

20 Head of the Hydra

Everyone's talking about Ben and Juliet... and so are we. Actors Michael Emerson and Elizabeth Mitchell talk about their Lost roles...

36 Uncaged and Untamed

Evangeline Lilly and Josh Holloway tell us all about Kate and Sawyer's latest story...

48 Into the Frame

Kiele Sanchez takes rime out from shooting to talk about her character of Nikki...

54 Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

Actor Henry Ian Cusick sits by the fire to share his thoughts about Desmond's direction...

58 Bass-ic Instinct

Actor Dominic Monaghan explains why he relishes Charlie's darkness...

86 Shadow of the Sun

Yunjin Kim talks exclusively about Sun's season three path, including her shooting of an Other...


64 List at Sea

Lost Producer/Direction Stephen Williams recalls his experience shooting on the ocean...


30 No Place Like Home

Here is how thy main streets of 'Otherville' and Juliet's house were conceived prior to shooting.


44 Drive Shaft on Tour

Relive the greatest rock and roll band's live swagger and backstage antics with this access-all-areas pass...

The OthersEdit

32 Stephen Williams

The Lost's Director/Supervising Producer discusses some of his greatest shooting moments so far...

50 Jeff Pinkner

Former Alias Executive Producer, Jeff Pinkner, reveals why he love his new role on this J.J. Abrams show...

68 Bryan Burk

The Lost Executive Producer talks season three, and hints at things fans should be expecting from its return...

73 Damon Lindelof

Eight of your finest fan questions have been passed to Co-Creator/Executive Producer Damon Lindelof...

82 Zack Grobler

With exclusive concept art and set photography, the Lost Production Designer explains his challenging role...

Beyond the HatchEdit

91 Six Degrees of Seperation

Take a look over season three's first batch of aired episodes, but from a completely different point of view...

Dear DiaryEdit

29 Michael Emerson

43 Dominic Monaghan

63 Elizabeth Mitchell

75 Henry Ian Cusick

95 Evangeline Lilly

Dark TerritoryEdit

76 Judgment Day (Part Two)

We continue what we began in the previous issue - storyboarded action between Eko and the 'monster'...

Frequent FlyersEdit

08 Unearthed Treasures

Lost Co-Executive Producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz are her with season three news...

12 Voices from the Fuselage

The fans...the theories...the views...the debates...the season reaction so far...

96 Black Box Flight Recorder

Re-live the devastating last moments of episode #6's I Do so you're ready for the Lost's return...

98 Exodus

Get ready for a very special 10th edition...

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