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Issue #8
Lost Mag 8
Released December 5, 2006
Variant Sun-Hwa Kwon
Months Jan/Feb 2007
Prev: Issue #7
Next: Issue #9

Oceanic Flight 815Edit

40 Fire in the sky

Stunned to have witnessed the Oceanic Flight 815's crash from the Others' perspective? Get ready to be even more impressed by the exclusive concept are of that moment...

By the FireEdit

42 Michelle Rodriguez

Ana Lucia Cortez had a turbulent time on the island, and her death sent shockwaves though the beach camp, Michelle Rodriguez talks exclusively to Lost Magazine about her time as a Tailie...

56 April Grace

Do you trust the strict nature of Ms. Klugh? The actress who plays the frightening female gives us her interpretation of her character's place within the band of Others...

The OthersEdit

50 Jack Bender

Lost's Executive Producer/Director and all-round multi-tasking dude takes a well-earned break from his Hawaiian duties to tell us all about his role on the show...

62 Damon Lindelof's Pearls of Wisdom

Series Co-Creator/Executive Producer Damon Lindelof comes face to face with a terrifying task - answering eight more of your probing questions...


46 An Other Dimension

The Namaste zone takes you by the hand an guides you cautiously around the world of the Dharma Initiative, with this issue summarizing what we've learned about the Others so far...

Dark TerritoryEdit

37 The 'Security System' Strikes Back

Lost may be entering a hiatus period, but it;s doing so on the back of an amazing suckerpunch. 'Monster' fans got more than they bargained for...

Beyond the HatchEdit

58 Swan Fate

The Swan may be crumpled debris now, but we can take you back to the point of the hatch's destruction with these exclusive on-set photos...

Frequent FlyersEdit

06 New Transmissions

Lost Co-Executive Producers/Writers Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz are here with the latest news direct from the Writers' Room...

12 Get Lost

Lost merchandise overload as we bring you the latest on MacFarlane Toys' figures plus and exclusive chat with the men behind the Lost board game...

18 Voices from the Fuselage

You've been sending in a raft-load of fantastic theories about the show - check out what these Lost fans have got to say.

63 Dear Diary

Our very special guest in the Diary room this issue is Lost Associate Producer Samantha Thomas, with a fantastic anecdote about Hawaii...

64 Black Box Flight Recorder

The Others may have become a regular fixture on the show, but there was a time when they were a rarer sight. Here's Ethan Rom's first scene...

66 Exodus

February 2007 ,arks the continuation of Season three, Lost Magazine #9 will be celebrating with a 100-page Season Return Special...

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