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Issue #7
Lost Mag 7
Released October 3, 2006
Variant Michael Dawson
Months Nov/Dec 2006
Prev: Issue #6
Next: Issue #8

Table of ContentsEdit

Oceanic Flight 815Edit

14 Where are they now?

Season three is finally here, but what predicaments did last season's cliffhanger leave everyone in? Our Oceanic section is here to help...

By the FireEdit

37 Yunjin Kim

Sun plotted to leaver her husband, Jin, and in season two she's shocked to discover she is pregnany. Yunjin Kim ponders her character's future,,,

47 Ian Somerhalder

The former Lost actor discusses his new horror film Pulse, and looks back at the rol Boone played among the survivors of Flight 815...

54 Fredric Lane

The US Marshal, Edward Mars, may not have survived long after the crash, but he has continued to crop up in Kate's flashback...

The OthersEdit

28 J.J. Abrams

Lost's Co-Creator/Executive Producer talks about the power of the second season, and looks ahead to the shocks in store this year.

57 Damon Lindelof's Pearls of Wisdom

Lost's other Co-Creator/Executive Producer, Damon Lindelof, taks on eight fan questions from the heart of the Pearl station...


44 The Orientation Film

Our new regular section examines the world of The Dharma Initiative. We begin with a transcript of the first words we ever heard from Dr. Marvin Candle...

Dark TerritoryEdit

50 Something's Afoot

Lost's Sculptor Jim Van Houten presents a series of exclusive concept art and designs that went on to become the island's mysterious giant foot...

Beyond the HatchEdit

58 The Kate Escape

Kate may be currently captured by the Others, but Beyond the Hatch celebrates her heroic season two adventure up into the air ducts of the Swan...

Frequent FlyersEdit

06 New Transmissions

Exclusive season three news straight from the Writers' Room, plus a whole myriad of other Lost news awaits your keen eyes and ears...

10 Get LOST

Prepare for an adrenaline surge when you find out what our massive Lost giveway includes: McFarlane Toys' action figures, DVDs, and loads

12 Voices from the Fuselage

Paddle down river to pick up the strongest transceiver signal and analyze the fans' theories, views and debates, and then send in yours, too...

63 Dear Diary

Ian Somerhalder revisits the island to tell us about a particularly memorable and challenging day filming Lost...

64 Black Box Flight Recorder

Many of the survivors have experienced visions on the island. Let's go way, way back to when Jack's dead father appeared to him...

66 Exodus

Lost Magazine #8 means on thing - we've struck the next of the cursed numbers...

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