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Issue #1
Lost Mag 1
Released October 4, 2005
Variant Jack Shephard
Months Nov/Dec 2005
Next: Issue #2

Table of ContentsEdit

05 Welcome to the Island

Co-Creators, Executive Producers and Co-Pilots of Lost, J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof, invite you to the launch of the show's official magazine.

Oceanic Flight 815Edit

16 The Passengers

The plane itself holds many mysteries. Let's take a closer look at some of the passengers we have come to know...

By the FireEdit

20 Matthew Fox & Evangeline Lilly

The actors take five from playing Jack and Kate to pause and reflect back on the tempestuous first 40 dats they've been on Lost...

42 Dominic Monaghan & Emelie De Ravin

Troubled rock star, Charlie, and new mom, Claire, face new fears as they enter season two. We discover what led the actors here...

Dark TerritoryEdit

37 Creature Features

Camera angles, CGI enhancement, and power of sound design - discover how the production team hints at 'The Monster's' identity...

The OthersEdit

52 Meet... Damon Lindelof

Lost Magazine has it's own 'Others'...the puppet-masters of the show, and we're after the secrets they hold.

Under the hatchEdit

58 First LOST Fan Event

In true 'flying under the radar' fashion, every issue we will be getting deep under Lost's skin. Were you at the first Lost convention?...

Frequent FlyersEdit

06 New Transmission

Exclusive News about the very latest developments from Lost's Writers' Room, dug up for your analysis...

10 Get LOST

ABC's ShopTheScene online store is overflowing with official Lost merchandise - check out our focus on the Lost Season one DVD set...

13 Voices from the Fuselage

Fans feeling Lost all over the world have sent in their thoughts by Priority Mail, morse code, email, smoke signal and carrier pigeon...

29 The Island a& The Agents

Alias and Lost, the creative universe of J.J. Abrams, are rife with crossover talent. Meet Producer Sarah Caplan, who worked on both...

33 Exclusive Posters

You will not find these Lost pin-ups anywhere else - a first season cast shot, plus this stunning Kate and Jack poster...

50 Salvaged

The crash survivors managed to put many items they salvaged to use. Hurley, for one, found comfort with his CD walkman for a while...

63 Dear Diary

Each issue, a member of the cast/crew will recount a memorable day of filming Lost. Evangeline Lilly has a tale of creatures of the deep to tell...

64 The Black Box

Our black box recorder contains information about every episode of Lost so far. The first recollection is from the pilot episode.

66 Exodus

Vefore you leave, be prepare for the next issue. Stars of the show will be questioned, and future events on the island will be exposed...

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