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Los Angeles Police Department
Name Los Angeles Police Department
Country Los Angeles, California
Introduced In Numbers
Type Police Department

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"To Protect and Serve" is the motto of the Los Angeles Police Department. Some of these characters have both been on the right and the wrong side of the law at times. They have performed their duties despite all the risks, all to ensure the safety of the public.

Ana-Lucia CortezEdit

Ana-Lucia Cortez was a member of the LAPD and the captain of her squad, just happened to be her mother. While investigating a reported burglary with her partner, Mike Walton, Ana was at the front of a building to see a man named Jason McCormack burst out the front door claiming he was a student, as Ana allowed him to reach for his identification; she was shot four times when he pulled out a gun and fired upon her. At the time, Ana-Lucia was pregnant, and the shooting resulted in her losing the child she was carrying.

For the next four months after this incident, Ana’s life took a turn. Ana’s boyfriend Danny had left her, and Ana was forced to visit with a psychiatrist to help her deal with her issues. After he thought it was time for Ana to return to the force, he granted her wish and presented her with her badge. Ana’s mother feared for her daughter’s safety and attempted to place Ana in a desk job in evidence, however, Ana wanted to be back on the streets in a patrol car. Ana’s mother initially denied the request, but later agreed when Ana requested a transfer.

While responding to a domestic disturbance on her first day back, Ana and Mike pulled up to the residence of Travis and Shawna who were furiously arguing with each other. The crying of their child affected Ana in a deep way, and Ana drew her gun on Travis fearing for the child’s safety. Mike ordered Ana to holster her weapon, and Travis was arrested. When they returned to the station, they were informed by a detective named Raggs that they had caught Jason McCormack earlier that day. When Ana was called in to ID Jason, she refused to correctly do so claiming that it wasn’t him. Later that night, Ana followed Jason to a bar and murdered him into the parking lot, first by informing his she was pregnant then firing three shots into him, she walked up to his body, and fired three more shots upon him emptying the clip.

Hurley and the LAPDEdit

After Hurley had won the lottery, he was hit with an unfortunate streak of bad luck, so he decided to do something good to see if he could correct it. He purchased a brand new house for his mother Carmen and was driving her to the house. When they arrived, Hurley decided to surprise her, so he asked to wear a blindfold, however, as luck would have it, Carmen accidentally broke her ankle on the curb. As if things couldn’t get any worse, Hurley noticed that the new house was on fire, while dialing for the fire department; two LAPD officers pulled up and ordered Hurley to place his hands behind his head. Hurley was arrested for being a suspected drug dealer.

After it was revealed that Hurley was not the man they wanted, Hurley sued the LAPD on the counts of being falsely arrested. Hurley won the case and his net worth grew even more.

Jack and ChristianEdit

Jack had long been pursuing the man who had been having an affair with his wife, Sarah, and it was a long suspicion of his that his was his father, Christian. While his father was attending an AA meeting, Jack physically attacked his father and was arrested and taken to the police station. Jack was then released on bail by Sarah, and outside of the station, Jack finally saw the man he had been pursuing.


These are characters that have been involved with the Los Angeles Police Department in one way or another.


Formerly ArrestedEdit

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