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Locke's Wheelchair
Name Locke's Wheelchair
Introduced In Walkabout
Last Seen In The Man from Tallahassee
Owned By John Locke
Found By Claire Littleton

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The wheelchair used by Locke after he became paralyzed when his Anthony Cooper threw him out of an eight story window. (The Man from Tallahassee)

He later regained the ability to walk on the island, and it was no longer necessary for him to use. As the survivors burned the Fuselage in honour of those they lost, Locke smiled as he watched his wheelchair in front of the flames, confident he would no longer need it. (Walkabout)

Claire used this wheelchair on the beach to transport luggage, and was then helped by Charlie. (Tabula Rasa) Almost all of the survivors, except for possibly Rose, are unaware of who the owner of the wheelchair is. (S.O.S.)

When Locke was crushed by the blast doors inside the hatch, Jack suggested that Kate bring the wheelchair down from the beach, to which Locke quickly denied the idea. Kate later brought the crutches down from the beach for Locke to use. (Dave)

Yemi also appeared in the wheelchair in Locke's vision of Eko on the top of the cliff that the Beechcraft previously sat atop. (?)

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