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Lindsey Littleton
Name Lindsey Littleton
Gender Female
Country Sydney, Australia
Occupation Unknown
Sibling Carole Littleton
Episode(s) Two for the Road, Par Avion
Played By Gabrielle Fitzpatrick

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Lindsey was the sister of Carole Littleton, and was the aunt of Claire. After Claire and Carole were involved in a car accident, Carole was thrown through the windshield and suffered severe head trauma which landed her in a coma. When Lindsey came to visit, she scolded Claire for heading home to take a shower while Carole was still in surgery. The two met with Dr. Woodruff who gave his medical opinion on Carole and that he did not have confidence that she would ever wake up. When Lindsey mentioned that they could not afford her medical treatment, they were informed that it had been taken care of by an individual who wished to be kept confidential.

Christian Shephard was revealed to be the man who had paid her medical expenses, and did so because he was in fact Claire's father. Lindsey outright refused Christian's involvement in the situation and demanded that he leave, however, Christian felt Claire deserved to know the truth, and revealed to her who he truly was. Christian revealed to Claire that the reason that he stopped visiting when she was a child was because Lindsey hated him, and also because Carole was unhappy that he had another family in Los Angeles.

Years later, after Claire had become pregnant, Lindsey was visited by Christian, and he demanded to see his daughter. Christian claimed that he had every right to see his daughter and that he paid the mortgage on the house. Ana-Lucia eventually ran up to the house and removed Christian from the scene, and exchanged a quick glance with Lindsey.

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