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Lindsey Baskum
Lindsey Baskum
Name Lindsey Baskum
Gender Female
Country Los Angeles, California, USA
Occupation Unknown
Episode(s) What Kate Does
Played By Jenni Blong

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Lindsey Baskum was the planned adoptive mother of Claire's unborn child. Lindsey and her husband were expected to pick up Claire from the airport as she arrived from Australia, but when they failed to appear, Claire was forced to hail a taxi, which was soon hijacked by Kate. Kate brought Claire to the Baskum's Brentwood home, which Claire noted was in a nice neighbourhood. However, when Claire met Lindsey at the door, Lindsey sadly announced that her husband had left her, and she would be unable to adopt the child as planned. Claire began to voice her frustration at not being informed of this prior to boarding a plane, but was cut short when she began to go into labor. (What Kate Does)

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