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Name Lily
Gender Female
Country Sydney, Australia
Occupation Unknown
Episode(s) Exodus - Part 2
Played By Terasa Livingstone

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After meeting rock star Charlie Pace in a Sydney Hotel bar, Lily pretended to be a fan of Drive Shaft as a means to accompany Charlie in the using of his heroin. Charlie invited Lily up to his room and the two would spend the night together. When she awoke the next morning, Charlie was preparing for his flight to LA, when she questioned him as to whether he wanted to use one more time before he leaves, he informs her that they had finished his stash the previous night. When Charlie offered to send Lily an autographed copy of his CD, she revealed that she wasn’t really a fan. When Lily discovers that Charlie actually does have some heroin remaining, she becomes physically violent and attempts to get it. She leaves the room with a champagne bottle and calls him pathetic.

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