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Lightning Rod
Name Lightning Rod
Introduced In Every Man for Himself
Owned By Desmond Hume
Found By Charlie, Claire and Hurley

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Desmond created the lightning rod as a way to protect Claire and Aaron's tent after having a flash of the future which depicted a lightning bolt striking it. At first Desmond attempted to have Claire move down the beach stating that there was something wrong with the roof, however, that failed, and Desmond began construction. Desmond used a golf club which he had obtained after speaking with Paulo, and placed it at the top. He informed Hurley that what he was working on was an experiment, which eventually came true when the makeshift lightning rod attracted the bolt, thus saving Claire.

When Charlie became suspicious of what Desmond was doing, he confronted him about it. Desmond then revealed that the lightning rod was actually created to save Charlie's life.

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