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Elizabeth Smith
Name Elizabeth Smith
Gender Female
Country California, USA
Occupation Clinical Psychologist
Family Husband - David
Flashback(s) None
Played By Cynthia Watros

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It is unknown why Libby was aboard Oceanic Flight 815 or what her life previous exactly was, however, Libby claims to have once been a clinical psychologist, and her life previous has been viewable through the flashbacks of various characters.

Life Before Flight 815Edit

Libby once broke her leg while skiing in Stowe, Vermont. She was apparently chasing a "cute" ski patrol guy. Libby claimed to have attended one year of medical school before she dropped out. Realizing it wasn't for her she eventually became a clinical psychologist. (The Other 48 Days)

Libby meets Desmond in a coffee shop in California. As he didn't have any American money, she lent him some to get a coffee. After introducing herself to him as Elizabeth, Libby gives Desmond Hume the boat when she learns Desmond will be in a sailing race around the world. The boat, named "Elizabeth" and hailing from Newport Beach, was a gift from her husband David, who as of the meeting between Libby and Desmond had recently died. (Live Together, Die Alone)

She spent time at Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute as a patient. At least part of her stay there overlapped with Hurley's time at the Institute. While at SRMHI, her hair color was brown. The reasons for her being institutionalized in the first place are still unknown, though the reason could be the sudden death of her husband David and whether or not her claims to being a clinical psychologist are true is also a mystery. (Dave)

While at the airport in Sydney prior to boarding Flight 815, Libby interrupts a heated conversation between Eko and a woman named Charlotte, asking if everything is all right. When being assured its all good, Libby boarded for the flight. (?)

On-Island LifeEdit

Libby was a tail section passenger on Oceanic Airlines Flight 815. Immediately following the crash, she sets the broken leg of another survivor, Donald, who dies a few days later. After twelve fellow tail-section survivors are abducted by the "Others", Libby is one of the five remaining when Jin, Sawyer and Michael encount

Libby talking to Ana

er them. She submits to Ana-Lucia's leadership, following orders without question. (The Other 48 Days)

After Shannon is shot by Ana-Lucia, Libby stands up to Ana-Lucia, by refusing to tie up Sayid, and insisting that Ana-Lucia needs to let the mid-section survivors go. (Collision)

Libby builds her shelter with the help of Hurley. Later, Hurley's comments to Sawyer indicate he harbors an attraction towards her. When doing laundry with Libby, Hurley comments that he may have met her somewhere else. She distracts him by trying on a small, purple top and says that Hurley had stepped on her foot while boarding flight 815. (Fire + Water)

Libby helps Claire unblock the memories of what happened to her when Ethan took her. (Maternity Leave)

Libby tries to help Hurley with his food-addiction. After Hurley starts hallucinating, she tries to help again, but he refuses her help. Lastly, she talks him out of jumping off the cliff (saves his life), and they kiss. (Dave)

Libby and Hurley finally go on an official date (a picnic) and Libby gets some blankets from the hatch. When she has them, she hears a gunshot and walks in on Michael murdering Ana. She calls out to him, startling him and making him turn around, shooting her twice in the stomach through the blankets. (Two for the Road)

Libby remains alive, but in critical condition, and despite Jack's effort to save her, she dies with Hurley by her side. In her dying breath, she utters "Michael", indicating that he is the one who shot her. Jack mistakenly assumes that she is asking about his condition and assures her that Michael is okay. (?)

Libby and Ana-Lucia's funeral takes place on the beach, and Hurley buries her and tells Michael that he will join the attack on the Others, wanting to avenge Libby's death. Hurley later finds out that Michael killed her. (Live Together, Die Alone)

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