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Name Laurence
Gender Male
Country Sydney, Australia
Occupation Illegal Gun Sales
Episode(s) Outlaws
Played By Stewart Finlay-McLennan

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Laurence was an illegal gun salesman living in Sydney, Australia. Laurence had previously taken part in a few cons back in the United States alongside Hibbs. When a man named Sawyer arrived to purchase a compact 357, Laurence made the assumption that Sawyer was aiming to kill with the weapon. Laurence warned Sawyer that if he was caught with the weapon, that he would agree not to turn him in for the illegal sale. Laurence also informed Sawyer that when you point a gun at a man, you find out who you really are, and that if Sawyer found he wasn’t a killer, there was no refund. Sawyer informed him that it wouldn’t be a problem.

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