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The Lamp Post
Name The Lamp Post
Area of Research Island Location Tracking
First Seen In The Lie
First Visited In 316

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The Lamp Post is a DHARMA Initiative station that is not on the Island. It was constructed to help DHARMA find the Island for the first time.



The Lamp Post interior.

The Lamp Post is hidden beneath a church somewhere in Los Angeles. Stairs lead down into the main room, which has a large map on the floor surrounded by computers. A pendulum swings from the ceiling and marks on the map to pinpoint the location of the Island. In "316", Jack, Ben and Sun meet Eloise Hawking here in an effort to learn how to return to the Island. Desmond also arrives on his own, but warns the others not to listen to Eloise, who he believes to be Daniel Faraday's mother.

Eloise explains that the DHARMA Initiative created the station as a means of predicting where the Island was going to be, not where it was, as the Island is always moving.

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