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Karen Pace
Karen Pace
Name Karen Pace
Gender Female
Country Manchester, Great Britain
Sydney, Australia
Occupation Unknown
Spouse Liam Pace
Child Megan Pace
Episode(s) Fire + Water
Played By Vanessa Branch

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Karen Pace is the wife of the leader singer of Drive Shaft Liam Pace. The two have a daughter Megan, Liam was not present when Karen gave birth to their daughter because he was partying with his brother Charlie in Dresden, Germany; Charlie informed her that Liam was not there because he blew a tire and missed his flight. Karen named her child "Megan" after Liam's mother.

After Liam dropped Megan, Karen threw him out believing him to be a threat to her child. Karen and Liam would eventually reconcile and move to Sydney, Australia where Liam accepted a job from Karen's uncle, and began rehabilitation.

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