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Karen Decker
Karen Decker
Name Karen Decker
Gender Female
Country Unknown
Occupation Oceanic Airlines Representative
Episode(s) There's No Place Like Home - Part 1
Played By Michelle Forbes

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Karen Decker was a public relations representative of Oceanic Airlines. Karen was aboard the U.S. Coast Guard aircraft, transporting Jack Shephard, Kate Austen, Hugo Reyes, Sayid Jarrah, Sun-Hwa Kwon and Aaron Littleton, dubbed the "Oceanic Six", which she stated wasn't the best branding, but that it was catchy. Karen informed the six that their families were already waiting for them at the airport, and that the press would want to speak with them, but they were under no obligation to do so, however, Jack stated that they were fine in doing so.

During the conference, Karen explained that after the crash, that the ocean's current carried the survivors to one of the lesser Sunda islands, known as Membata. She went on to explain that on day 103, a typhoon washed up the remnants of an Indonesian fishing boat, which included basic supplies and a survivial raft. She added that on Day 108, the survivors used the raft to travel to the village of Manukangga on the island of Sumba. After they were discovered, they were then transferred by the U.S. Coast Guard to Honolulu.

During the interview, a reporter called Kate's pregnancy and legal trouble into play, and Karen rebutted his question, stating that Kate's legal issues were off the table. After the press conference, Karen informed Sayid that Noor Abed Jazeem was waiting for him outside. (There's No Place Like Home - Part 1)

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