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Joyce Malkin
Name Joyce Malkin
Gender Female
Country Australia
Occupation Unknown
Spouse Richard Malkin
Child Charlotte Malkin
Episode(s) ?
Played By Melissa Bickerton

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Joyce Malkin was the wife of Richard Malkin and the mother of Charlotte Malkin. After Joyce's daughter was involved in a drowning, she was later brought back to life by what Joyce believed to be a miracle. She contacted the monsignor and met with Eko and informed them of the situation and that the Vatican should be contacted. The monsignor informed her than an investigation must be conducted before anything else could be done.

When Eko arrived to the Malkin home to meet with Charlotte, Joyce informed him that it was not a good time and to come back later. Richard then came out of the house and informed her to go back inside, it was then that Richard informed Eko that he believed that Dr. McVay was just trying to cover up his own malpractice.

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