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Jon Gries
Name Jon Gries
Birthplace Glendale, California, USA
Date of Birth June 17, 1957
Role on LOST Roger Linus
IMDB Jon Gries at IMDB

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Jon Gries portrayed the role of "Roger Linus" on LOST.

Jonathan Francis "Jon" Gries is an American actor, writer and director. He is also known under names Jon Francis and Jonathan Gries for being credited under. He is known for playing Uncle Rico ("Back in '82") in the movie Napoleon Dynamite and is also known for his role as Lazlo Hollyfeld in the 1985 comedy film Real Genius. Gries played the role of a terrorist in season two of the hit show 24. Gries also played a werewolf henchman in the horror/comedy sequel Fright Night II (he also played a werewolf in The Monster Squad). His most notable television roles are Broots on the NBC series The Pretender and Shawn on the FOX sitcom Martin during the first two seasons.

He is the son of late writer, director, producer, and Emmy-winner Tom Gries. He does not drink milk and eats very little red meat. And while he chewed pieces, he refused to swallow the steaks his character Uncle Rico eats in Napoleon Dynamite.

Gries appeared in the Seinfeld episode The Beard as a bum whom Kramer gives Chinese leftovers to but requests to get the Tupperware back from.

Episodes Appeared InEdit

Appears as Roger Linus in:

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