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Name Jessica
Gender Female
Country Louisiana, USA
Occupation Employed at an Auto Dealership
Spouse David
Child David and Jessica's Child
Episode(s) Confidence Man
Played By Kristin Richardson

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Jessica was employed at an Auto Dealership in Louisiana, and was married and had a son. After having an affair with Sawyer, she discovered a briefcase filled with cash, and he informed her of an oil mining operation in the Gulf of Mexico, and that with $300,000 it would buy one share, that two weeks later would be tripled by a government sponsored fund; Sawyer informed her he had $140,000. Intrigued, Jessica was confident she would be able to get the other $160,000 from her husband.

When she convinced her husband to go through with the deal, Sawyer abruptly called it off at the sight of their child.

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