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Jennifer Gale
Name Jennifer Gale
Gender Female
Country Wayzata, MN, USA
Occupation Unknown
Spouse Henry Gale
Mentioned In One of Them, The Whole Truth, Lockdown, Dave

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Jennifer Gale was the wife of Henry Gale. Henry crossed the Pacific in a balloon and made his way to a mysterious island. Henry wrote a letter to Jennifer on a 20 dollar bill he was carrying, and expressed his true feelings for her. Henry later either passed away or was murdered by someone or something on the island.

Jennifer in Ben's faked alibiEdit

Calling himself "Henry Gale", Benjamin Linus was captured by Danielle Rousseau in the jungle and was given over to Sayid for interrogation. Ben had knowledge of Jennifer, but changed some of the main details of her whereabouts to create his alibi:

Jennifer Murphy attended the University of Minnesota; it was there that she met a man named Henry Gale. The two eventually married, and Henry started a company that mined non-metallic minerals. Henry became very rich after he sold his company.

It was then that she decided to join Henry in pursuing his dream of crossing the Pacific in a balloon as she thought it would be neat. Henry’s balloon was 140 feet high and 60 feet wide, it was kept up in the air by 550,000 cubic feet of helium and 100,000 cubic feet of hot air, and if you were to look down on it you would see a big yellow smiley face on the top.

While crossing the Pacific in their balloon, Henry and Jennifer suddenly crashed onto the island. They remained in a cave near the beach sending a signal by use of an ADF Beacon transmitter hoping to be spotted by a plane flying overhead. 3 months and 1 week after arriving on the island, Jennifer became sick, her illness started out as a fever and then two days later she became delirious. Jennifer passed away and Henry buried her in the jungle near their balloon.

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