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Jeff Hadley
Name Jeff Hadley
Gender Male
Country Lochheath, Scotland
Occupation Professor
Flashback(s) Signs of Life

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Jeff was aboard Oceanic Flight 815 after accepting a teaching job in Los Angeles. While in Sydney, Jeff was employed as a professor, and also had several galas and exhibits held to honor his art.

Life Before Flight 815Edit

While living in London, England, Jeff Hadley was dating a model named Ivy Tennant to whom he'd become quite attached. Jeff was suddenly offered a professorship at the Robert Burns College in Lochheath, Scotland. He informed Ivy of the position, but neglected to inform her that she would not be accompanying him to Scotland. When she found out, she was heartbroken due to this.

Jeff made his way to Lochheath, Scotland where he was greeted by a man named Mr. Blond who was representing the college and was showing Jeff around, and presented Jeff with the cottage he would be staying at. As Jeff began to teach, he met a girl named Savannah McCulloch, with whom he would later fall in love.

Everything in Jeff's life was going great, until he was informed that he was going to be honoured by the Newton Museum of Art in Australia, and would be traveling there. Normally this would be good news, but Jeff was unable to bring Savannah along with him. Jeff opted to go anyway, and made his way to Sydney where his art was revered in many galleries. Jeff was then mulling the idea of returning to Lochheath or accepting one of the many prestigious teaching opportunities with which he was presented. Jeff eventually decided to move to Los Angeles, California to accept a teaching job there.

While aboard Oceanic Flight 815, Jeff received a phone call from Lochheath from a Dr. Karlin, who informed him that Savannah had passed away after receiving injuries from a car crash. Oceanic Flight 815 would later crash onto a mysterious island.

On-Island LifeEdit

Jeff isolated himself away from the other survivors of Flight 815, and made shelter in a collection of trees in the jungle which he referred to as the "studio". Jeff worked on his art inside his studio, and was one day sought out by Hurley who informed him that he was going on a boar hunt along with Michael, Locke, and Charlie and asked if Jeff wanted to accompany them.

Jeff did so, and as the group made their way through a cave after visit from "The Monster", they found themselves walking through pitch black into nothingness. Jeff found himself in awe when the carving inside the cave resembled art he himself had once made. However, when Jeff returned to take a look at the art again, it was gone.

Jeff is later visited by the "spirit" of Savannah who informs him that she was carrying his child before she died, and that she forgives him for everything that he had done.

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