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Jason McCormack
Jason McCormack
Name Jason McCormack
Gender Male
Country Los Angeles, CA, USA
Occupation Unknown
Episode(s) Collision, Two for the Road
Played By Aaron Gold

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Jason McCormack is a criminal from Los Angeles with prior convictions. After the police arrived to investigate a burglary Jason was participating in, he rushed out the front door but was stopped by LAPD Officer Ana-Lucia Cortez, when he assured her that he was a student, he attempted to show her his ID, and in the process he drew his gun and fired four hollow points through Ana’s bullet-proof vest attempting to kill her.

When Jason was arrested four months later for assaulting an elderly woman, his fingerprints were scanned and they matched partials that were found from the crime scene, when questioned Jason confessed. However, when Officer Cortez refused to ID Jason, he was released. Jason would later visit a bar where he would spend some of his time with a friend of his; while walking to his car he was stopped in the parking lot by Ana-Lucia. When he questioned her as to whether or not he knew her, she drew her gun and told him that she was pregnant and fired her gun 3 times. Ana approached his body and fired three more times, emptying the clip, and exacts her revenge for the child she lost.

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