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Name Jason
Gender Male
Country New Mexico, USA
Occupation Bank Robber
Episode(s) Whatever the Case May Be
Played By Victor Browne

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When Jason became involved with a woman named Maggie Ryan, he was convinced by her to assist her in the robbery of a New Mexico Bank. Posing as a photographer, Maggie sets up the scheme so that she would be appear to be a victim and gain sympathy from the Manager Mark Hutton to get what they wanted. When Jason and his crew arrive at the bank, after shooting out the cameras, Jason grabs the manager and demands access to the money cage. After Miss Ryan is taken into the back, Jason returns with her moments later and throws her to the floor. When the Manager refuses to give Jason the key, he uses Maggie as incentive, Mr. Hutton eventually agrees. When Hutton allows Jason and the other robber access to the money cage, he requests that Maggie be let go. Upon hearing this, Jason reveals that the entire heist was all her idea; Maggie grabs the gun from the other robber and shoots Jason and then the other two robbers. As Maggie reveals that the entire scam was pulled of to gain access to a safe deposit box, Maggie informs him that her name isn’t really Maggie.

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