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Janelle Granger
Name Janelle Granger
Gender Female
Country Hermosa Beach, CA, USA
Occupation Unknown
Mentioned In Secret Identity
ABC Diary

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Janelle Granger was one of the many survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. She kept a diary of her observations while on the island.

Life Before Flight 815Edit

Janelle Granger is from Hermosa Beach, California. She previously spent a week in a Louisiana hospital for unknown reasons; however, she claims that she was a victim in the occurrence. A year before boarding flight 815, she quit smoking, and also was known to have a $6000 credit card bill. While in Australia, she went diving with Joanna and even switched seats on the plane so that the two could be together.

On-Island LifeEdit

Janelle Granger was one of the 48 survivors of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. During her time on the island she made several friends among the survivors. She borrowed a pen from Claire, played backgammon with Walt, and bummed cigarettes from Sawyer. She also kept a diary of her experiences and day to day life while on the island. She attempted to fish using a hook made from an earring.

When Joanna died after drowning in the water, she felt that Joanna should have known better than to go into the water. Janelle was also the one to discover Steve’s body on the beach after he was allegedly murdered by Ethan Rom.

Janelle also had a relationship with another survivor named Larry, who would proceed to “ask her out”, to which Janelle declined. She also won an extra helping of boar meat off Larry when Jack made his putt on the golf course. While walking by the golf course on another time, she heard the “whispers” surround her.

When the raft was set ablaze, accusations fell on Jin, however, Janelle saw Walt with matches the day before. Janelle also followed Locke and Boone to the hatch, and also kept it a secret from the other survivors. She also saw Locke at the hatch pounding on the door and then seeing the hatch light up after Desmond turned on the light inside.

Janelle took an interest in boarding the second raft with Michael, Sawyer, Walt and Jin by offering herself up to Sawyer, however, it did not work as Janelle felt Sawyer only cared about himself.

On Night 43, Janelle spent the night at the beach, while the rest of the camp made their way to the caves to prepare for the arrival of “the Others”. She was with Larry, two men and a woman, all three from Australia. She saw a bright fiery flash, then a loud bang. The ground was shaking, like an earthquake rumbling, and the wind was howling enough that their fire went out. A woman was screaming, and Janelle suspected that someone was behind her. Janelle couldn’t find her bag.

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