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Ivan Andropov
Name Ivan Andropov
Gender Male
Country Moscow, Russia
Occupation Unknown
Episode(s) He's Our You
Played By Dmitri S. Boudrine

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Ivan Andropov was said to be an associate of Charles Widmore who posed a threat to the safety of the Oceanic Six. His name was the final in a list of assassination targets provided by Benjamin Linus to Sayid Jarrah following the rescue of the six Oceanic Flight 815 survivors.

Sayid located Ivan in Moscow, and chased him through the Russian street and into Andropov's luxury apartment. Upon arriving at the apartment, Ivan hurriedly located and opened a small safe. Sayid then burst into the room, and aimed a gun at the Russian man. Ivan begged for his life, and offered the money within the safe as a bribe to allow him to live. Unwavering, Jarrah shot and killed the man in cold blood. (He's Our You)

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