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Ishmael Bakir
Name Ishmael Bakir
Gender Male
Country Unknown
Occupation Employee of Charles Widmore
Episode(s) The Shape of Things to Come
Played By Faran Tahir

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Ishmael Bakir is an employee of Charles Widmore, and was being followed by Benjamin Linus. Ben spotted Ishmael at Nadia's funeral procession in Tikrit, Iraq, but his cover was blown. Sayid is convinced that Bakir is responsible for Nadia's murder after presenting him with a photograph of a Los Angeles traffic stop, showing him three blocks from where Nadia was found. After noticing Ben following him, he pulls him aside at gunpoint, and is informed by Ben that he has a message that he wants to relay to Charles Widmore; however, before being able to receive it, Sayid fires several times, killing him. (The Shape of Things to Come)

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