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Name Isabel
Gender Female
Country Unknown
Occupation One of "The Others"
Episode(s) Stranger in a Strange Land
Played By Diana Scarwid

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Isabel is one of "The Others" and was described by Tom as the "sheriff". She went to Jack's cage and inquired as to whether he knew what his tattoos meant, Jack stated that he did. Isabel then brought Jack into the Hydra Station where he was questioned as to whether or not what he said about Juliet wanting Jack to kill Ben was true or not. He stated that it was not true, and that it was a lie to get them to turn against each other. However, Isabel did not believe this and asked Jack why he was lying for her, it was then that he requested to return to his cage.

While carrying out Juliet's sentence, the meeting is interrupted by Alex who presents a message from Ben who has commuted Juliet's sentence stating that execution is off the table, and that the rules don't apply. She then states that Juliet is to be marked.

Before the Others leave the island that they are currently on and make their way back to the island that Flight 815 crashed onto, Isabel says that Jack's tattoos say "He walks amongst us, but he is not one of us", to which Jack replies that it's what they say, but it's not what they mean.

Isabel was confirmed as having been killed in "Through the Looking Glass". (2007 San Diego Comic-Con)

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